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ȷen̂ʊlyɣȷuʊpyʊllaa-oa and ȷen̂ʊlyɣȷuʊpyʊllın Conlang

International Name(s): ȷen̂ʊlyɣȷuʊpyʊllaa-oa and ȷen̂ʊlyɣȷuʊpyʊllın

Native Name(s): J̇eɹŋl̇ɣ̇yẇpɣłłáɐ̂ɑ̀

Language Groups:

Vocab Source: Other

Development Level: Sketch/Minimal

Type(s): Personal, Jokelang, Conworld, Xenolang/Alien, Global Auxiliary, and Other

Registry Code: Jje

Creator(s): XVYQ


Start Year: 5521

Physical Modes: Speech only


Notes: My first jokelang. In-universe it was jokelang until it ended the IAL war on its planet and becaming IAL by itself.