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The Biggest Conlang Database

What is Conlang Database?

This is the Conlang Database, a database website which aims to build a searchable list of all conlangs of which we can find evidence.

Conlangs are constructed languages, languages created deliberately by human creators. There are many collections of conlangs in linklists, wikis and other databases, but until now there has been no attempt to collect information about them all in one place.

The website is currently in the process of being created. Please get in touch if you would like to help.

Become a volunteer

If you wish to contribute to the project beyond anonymous edit proposals, please consider registering.

Add conlangs

Here you can propose a new conlang for the database. You can add your conlangs and any conlangs.


This will be the section enabling visitors to get in contact with the project. You can ask any question to us.

Conlang Database