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kay(f)bop(t) Conlang

International Name(s): kay(f)bop(t)

Native Name(s): kay(f)dan(f)san(t)ap(t)vlir(t)sang(b)es(p)u(t)vom(b)ngag(t)vlim(p)kay(f)sna(f)kay(f)ga(f) bop(t)veg(p)daf(f)shof(b)*om(p)vlim(p)ga(f)vlim(p)ga(f)

Language Groups:

Vocab Source: A priori

Development Level: Considerable Development

Type(s): Jokelang and Experimental

Registry Code:

Creator(s): Daniel Swanson

Link(s): and Video tutorial:

Start Year: 2015

Physical Modes: Speech and writing


Notes: Based on "Bad Conlang Ideas", trying to incorporate as many impractical features as possible. Probably the only language in the database that has phonemic hats.